1. Yoghurt

    "are you going to buy that Yoghurt? 80 calories per 100 ml. Lots of sugar, artificial fruit…and salt, salt is bad too.."

    "Well, maybe I c-"

    "Well, it is your body, your choice, if you want to buy that stuff..".

    "come, lets move on, buy some alcohol" 

  2. My mother has the solution for ISIS

    -lots of intelligent considerations and information-

    me: “A comic has three panels, Mum, where is your solution?” 

  3. Parcel

    -Miss Stalinski! I have a parcel for you!

    -You haven’t been waiting for it all day have you? hahahaha

    me: “haha off course not..”

  4. Middle-East

    I went on a date with a man, he came across very intelligent…

    "Oh, the Middle-Eastern conflict…"

    "Personally I am really bothered by the fact that so many people mistake philo-semitism for zionism".

    "What is zionism?"

  5. "Nice! This way my sweat stains attract less attention"


    "Relax, Anne, I know how to bake pancakes..".

    This ain’t my first rodeo”


    "OH MY GOD! Doctor Phil says that all the time!" 

  7. Since my mother watched Breaking Bad, our communication has changed a little… 

    "YO BITCH!"



    "I Know I look hideous. STOP STARING AT ME!"

  9. You can’t be social 24/7

    Wednesday: Visiting IKEA with P 

    thursday: Drawing with S

    Friday: sitting by the water with N

    Saturday: Hanging by the lake with M and L

    Sunday: “Soo, now for some me-time again”


    "Where is everybody!? Oh I have such a lonely existence" 

  10. Look! I am in the Zone 5300, one of the major comic magazines in the Netherlands. They interviewed me about my Daily Comics and winning the Comik web Award. I am happy :)