1. Look! I am in the Zone 5300, one of the major comic magazines in the Netherlands. They interviewed me about my Daily Comics and winning the Comik web Award. I am happy :) 

  2. My mother (who is a historian) does not like conversations without historical depth. Sometimes she’s in a forgiving mood.

    "We don’t always have to talk about the second world war…".

    "…the first world war is fine too"

  3. My mother bought a portable bloodpressure-device. 

    "YES! Come on! We want sixty! Six-ty! YEEESSS!" 

  4. "Come, let’s take pictures together"

    "I always wanted to do this with friends when I was a teenager"

    "Just being young and stupid"

    "…oh i missed that in my life"

    "and now I’m 25 and it is too late. Oh how time flies…"

    guy thinks “So exhausting; girls dealing with quarter life crisis”

  6. I got a sunburn which looks pretty bad. People might think I was at a super nice party near the lake and that it was too busy to cover myself in sunscreen and that’s how…

    In reality I sat on a balcony for half an hour (in the morning sun) and that’s how it happened

  7. I went to the graduation show at my former art school. It was nice to see all the work. It was very hot and humid in the building. Luckily there were free-to-take postcards. I wanted to draw a comic about everybody waving at themselves with postcards and how funny/weird that looked. But it is neigh impossible to draw people flapping postcards. Just can’t do it. 

  8. "All my art school friends are going to Bulgary for some kind of Art Project" 


    "WHY wasn’t I asked to go too?"

    "Would you have wanted to go then?".

    "No, off course not" 

  9. "It is now forbidden by law to kill your own pets. It’s also not allowed to prostitute your pet through the internet anymore.." 

  10. There is one big Primark in Holland (ore actually there are more by now, but I only know this one). The train station (and the city centre, for that matter) of the city the primark is in, is always filled with girls carrying brown Primark-bags. There ar so many of them, it looks funny and surreal. 

    (Source: dailystalinski)